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The Consultants’ Hub is based on the premise that to expand any business, you must bring together the expertise of the three major elements of the business – Marketing, Sales & Finance - through a single hub – and work in partnership with innovative thinkers. That means facilitating a set of closely engaged experts in change management. We loosely refer to these change experts as Consultants; but who also engage with innovators.



The Consultants Hub has become your expert and efficient partner in the UK for all consultancy services that your company may need.


We have a reputation for quality, integrity and innovation as a result of our relationship with our clients, which is based on trust and mutual respect. Our combined, fresh and determined  approach enables us to provide valuable strategic insights and direction to find the best solutions to even the most complex problems.

This is why a team or hub of Consultants is better than a single expert. The Consultants’ Hub brings together all the basic business elements plus we have access to people who think in a different way from the norm.

For example, look at your business in a different way...


The Business Elements as Dimensions:

Accountants and administrators look at what a business has achieved and therefore are backward looking - THE PAST. [THE FIRST DIMENSION]


Sales are very much looking at what is currently achievable – THE PRESENT. [THE SECOND DIMENSION]


Marketing look at what can be achieved and how the business is to be forecasted  - THE FUTURE. [THE THIRD DIMENSION]


Consultants pull all these business elements together with lateral thinkers and produce, amongst other things, efficiencies, cost savings, alternative routes to market, product and service strategies that eliminate cash-flow dips, diversity in markets, alternative methods of practice in all the major business elements, and most of all, disruptive innovations  – IMPROVEMENTS & STRATEGIES. [THE FOURTH DIMENSION]


Innovators fall outside of all these business elements, as they think in a totally different dimension – THE SPHERE. [THE FIFTH DIMENSION]



Your reasons to contact the Consultants’ Hub:

A Managing Director of an SME may not be able to afford the time or effort to examine Innovators in order to progress his business into diverse fields or establish new markets, so he inevitably uses the constrained and time-maxed abilities of his current team. He unwittingly places a huge burden on each of those individuals to produce a strategy that will always be biased by current thinking.


If you need to make a step change for the future of your business, then contact us now. 




"When Conventional doesn't work, try Controversial!"


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