Services and expertise

Corporate planning and control

Whether short-term or long-term management planning: our management expertise allows you to navigate your company's future with greater assurance.

Corporate planning and control
We don't just look at your objectives - we look at how those objectives impact on other issues within your markets; how those markets will affect your goals and what the fall-out is from any innovations.


We look at parallel markets and innovations in these that can be replicated within your sphere of operations.


We look at the impact of compliance issues, changes in the law, regulatory bodies, copywrite, trademarks, company capability and risk analysis. We turn all the stones over so you don't have to, and propose solutions that have a solid roadmap to achievement.


You know your business and what you want out of it. We look at how your business sits within the wider community to look for opportunities and improvements.


Finance and accounting

From business management audits to developing policy recommendations: we combine audit and consultancy expertise with innovative thinking.

If you are an SME who shares their Accountant with other small to medium sized business managers, you may not be getting the expertise in your field that you can rely on. Accountants know what has happened and will make a studied review of your past accounts to attempt a forecast for the next twlve months. Some may never be able to accurately predict the market in your business. For that reason you may be looking to a marketing specialist who can translate the figures into forecasts. But they may not have the financial skills to provide a good match to what you know is going on in your business market.


The Consultants Hub is able to bring together, all the relevant elements and trace over the issues with the appropriate innovative thinking. This will provide you, the SME owner, with a clear and practical path to follow the proposed route for your business.





Crisis management

Every corporate act brings its own risks. We offer you comprehensive and personal advice before the emergency occurs.


Part of any large business is the requirement for disaster recovery. As an SME, this may be just a small appendix to your business plan. We will produce a documented and practical operations guide that can be easily understood and followed by every person in the company for their particular role, following a catastrophe.


Small things can cause large impacts. Sometimes these aren't foreseeable events, but a series of minor irritations that can cause lasting damage - from bad publicity to flooding and fire - our proposals will ensure your business continues to operate and draw the required level of revenue stream.




If you need interim expertise* for a short period to solve an urgent issue, we provide both tactical and strategic help when and where required.


We develop solutions covering the entire spectrum of management. These solutions are rooted in our experience from many years as managers within companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors. Get a better understanding of our services and expertise here.


Expansion through innovation.

We have all heard of expansion through acquisition and organic expansion; but few companies deliberately expand through an innovation policy.


Broadly, there are two types of innovation: Incremental innovation and disruptive innovation.

Incremental innovation is practised by most manufacturing companies in order to stay ahead or up with the competition. The increments are based on current products or practise and produce small incremental steps to meet a market demand or trend.


Disruptive innovation comes from thinking 'outside the box' and brings a whole new project into being. Many companies don't go down this route because it detracts from the core business. Some set up new companies in order to capitalise on the innovation without disrupting their current goals. Others engage experts in the new field and bolt on the ideas to their portfolio.


Neither is right or wrong - it depends on what you are currently doing and how far away from your current business the new idea will take you.


Areas of expertise:

- Cashflow optimisation

- Impact analysis (new product/service introductions)

- Financing - diversification / expansion / product launch / acquisition

- Business case - funding / diversification / supply chain restructure / acquisition

- Alignment - sales process / buying process / marketing (traditional & digital) / PR

- Skills appraisal - customer retention / negotiation / sales / buying / operations / financial

- Planning - strategic / tactical / practical (how to) / targets / milestones

- Resources - IT / people / interims / non-execs / temps / interns / location & vehicles

- Reward - incentives / compensation / perks / shares / pensions / healthcare

- Innovations - thought leadership / processes / customer contact / partnerships / services

- Training - Soft skills / IT / Sales / Marketing / Negotiation / Public Relations / Vehicle Sales /    Entrepreneur



5 Good reasons to hire interim managers through The Consultants Hub:


    1. No NI or tax calculations - so no administrative overheads.

    2. No holiday pay calculations - so you only pay for the project.

    3. The expertise provided is specific to your issue - our partners are specialists.

    4. Costs are negotiated for the project at the outset - not for time spent.

    5. High return on investment. This purchase is good value for money.


* Experts are skilled practitioners with at least 10 years continuous experience.

Management continuity

Thinking about the future before it happens: we travel with you on the path to ordered, coordinated management continuity.


Having established your priorities for the future, we will perform a series of interviews with you to establish your people goals for the stakeholders and key members of staff. Apart from an exit strategy for any directors, we ensure that all personnel have a managed career. This enables you to allocate time and money to invest in their future. This in turn ensures that your people are valued and seen to be valued by you.


Most people leave a company because they perceive to be undervalued by their manager.


Most of this succession management can be planned and implemented by you; but if you don't have the time or skill to do this, then we will provide the plan, the practical guide for implementation and the reminders to put the agreed proposals in place.


Ask yourself:

- What happens to my revenue stream if my Sales Director leaves?

- What knowledge have I lost if my Marketing Director leaves?

- What technical expertise have I lost if my Operations Director leaves?

- What customers would I lose if my best salesman leaves?

- What alternatives are available should I lose my largest supplier?  

Our other consultancy areas:

  • Marketing and communication*
  • The use of Social Media in your business
  • Human resources management
  • Business start-up
  • Production and development management
  • Photography & video production
  • The complete spectrum of DIGITAL MARKETING

  *Marketing & Communication

 Are you doing EVERYTHING to make your marketing effective?

1. Attract Inbound Traffic

2. Capture Leads Effectively

3. Nurture Prospects

4. Convert Sales

5. Deliver & Satisfy

6. Upsell Customers

7. Get Referrals


8. Achieve YOUR Goals


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